Everyone has a unique financial journey. No matter where you are in that journey, the right strategy can help you reach your goals and create more freedom in your life. Thrive Money is here to help you find the right strategy and point you in the direction of personal financial freedom.


We're Thrive Money

We are an online education platform that has been specifically created to make financial guidance accessible to all. On a mission to educate young people living in the UK, we teach you how to maximise income, prioritise outgoings and feel confident and secure in the choices that you are making. It’s time to demystify the financial jargon that for so long has left people feeling confused and uneasy when talking about money. We will provide you with applicable and realistic guidance that applies to your current situation, not somewhere in the distance when you have spare money to invest.

Get ready to finally understand how to take control of your money. We know how good it feels when you have a plan and you know how you are going to get there. This we believe is financial wellbeing and we want to make that available to everyone.

"Our mission is to make financial education available to everyone. this is not just about making rich people richer."

"I've seen firsthand the power of great financial planning. Helping someone get their finances in order and prepare for their future can massively change their life for the better. As Financial Planners, we have empowered clients to make transformational decisions around their future, when they know what to do with their money. Financial know-how should not be limited to those who already have lots of money, everyone should have access to great financial advice and education, whatever their financial status. Thrive Money was conceived to do exactly that, our mission is quite simply, to make financial education available to everyone."

- Robert Caplan, Co-Founder of Thrive Money 

Core Values


Each of us deserves clarity over our finances so we can make wise decisions


Financial wellbeing is a pre-requisite for holistic, integrated, joyful living


Expert, proven, evidence-based advice, backed by a chartered financial planning firm

the finance fundamentals course


Change your money mindset, finally get to grips with your finances and achieve financial wellbeing with our expert-led 30 day programme.

Digestible videos accompanied by digital tools and accessible factsheets will guide you through everything you need to know to take control of your money - from budgeting, clearing debt and building an emergency fund through to savings, investments and building a financial plan. 


what are people saying?

I was really pleased to see the price point of the course (even at full price), and good to hear about the motivation for creating the course, I feel like it will be accessible for a lot of people who might not be able to pay for financial advice."

- Serina

I have really enjoyed the course so far and I'm really grateful to have access to all this info."

- Abi

Really happy with the motivation for the course. Financial Advisors to me have always felt like they were out of reach because I wasn’t ‘wealthy’ enough. Great to be able to have access to this kind of advice."

- Melissa
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The Team Behind us

Thrive Money is affiliated with First Wealth, a B Corp company, founded in 2008 in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We have always wanted to challenge what exists and continually evolve to find a better way of doing things. First Wealth wants to make a difference in the world. We believe in doing good – not just for our clients, but for society and the world we live in. We are building a business that we, and our clients, are proud to be a part of – and to have fun along the way. We work hard to provide great advice and great customer service; we want our clients to be our biggest advocates. As part of our commitment to positively impact our community and society as a whole we strongly believe that financial education should be for everyone. Thrive Money is born out of a desire to ensure that everyone has access to financial guidance, whatever their age, income or situation.

The Thrive Money Team

Phoebe Ellis

Head of Operations

Emma Fielding

Chartered Financial Planner

Thomas Symss

Head of Socials 


You deserve to feel confident and in control of your money

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